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What Is Zero Sugar Diet And Should You Follow It?What Is Zero Sugar Diet And Should You Follow It?

By Adity Bera
In Health & Fitness
January 30, 2020

Before we go into details let’s begin the conversation saying Zero sugar diet is not really a diet it is actually a lifestyle. Diet means portion control, giving up eating at restaurants and many hard things. But in no sugar diet all you have to do is not eat any food that contains white processed sugar.

Zero sugar diet

No sugar diet can be followed by anyone. Processed sugar has no place in our life. It is really white poison. Processed sugar harms our eyesight, kidney, liver and makes us obese. Diabetes can be life threatening. So no doctor will say no to no sugar diet.

What to eat on zero sugar diet

You will eat vegetables, fruits, unprocessed nuts, chicken, lean meats, eggs, milk, dates and everything natural. You can also eat raw honey.

You cannot eat white rice and white bread. Limited wholegrain bread and brown rice are allowed.

What you will not eat are foods packaged food, even the diet packaged foods contain some form of processed sugar. So avoid them.

You can drink tea, coffee without sugar.

Below is a sample zero sugar diet plan.

Breakfast: Black coffee, egg and a fruit of your choice.

Snack: 10 almonds.

Lunch: One wholegrain bread with vegetables and lean meat.

Dinner: Vegetable soup.

Tips on following zero sugar diet

Always keep a sweet fruit near you. You will want to eat something sweet, don’t eat candy, eat the fruit.

If you are trying to lose weight then avoid brown rice and white potato.

Limit your oil intake even olive oil.

Go for long walks.

Quit the sugar and see the change in your life.


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