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Residential Treatment Program Helps Obese Kids Lose Weight, Study Finds

By Rima Chowdhury
In Health & Fitness
February 13, 2015

These days most parents are working all day to make the living better for their kids, they hardly have time for them at home. Gone are the days when your mother cooked you a healthy snack and dad played with you after work.
Obese Kids Lose Weight
Today most kids watch the TV after school while eating pizzas and that is a serious problem as junk food and less physical activity makes them gain weight and the result is we are seeing childhood diabetes more than ever in little kids. Then you have to restrict your child with food and make him work more to lose weight, which is not an easy job for any parents.
But recently a study revealed that there is an easy way to make your kids healthy if they are overweight, you need to enroll them in a residential program. The study showed that if the kids were put in a weight loss group with the kids of their same age they followed the routine better and lost a lot of weight. So it is better for the parents to take them to a group like this rather than trying to do it in the home.

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Rima Chowdhury

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