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Prithviraj Tells Fans To Stop Dieting And Exercising For Better Health!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
September 1, 2020

Prithviraj is sharing pictures of his impressive torso since earlier this month. Clearly the Mollywood superstar used his downtime for good. He concentrated on health. The actor has an advice for his almost 3 million fans on Instagram. The actor feels his impressive new masculine body is the result of training and eating, he stopped dieting and exercising.

Now what Prithvi means by this? He means dieting and exercising do not work in long term. People can follow a program only for a year or two tops. But if we start eating right food and start to train our body for better muscle definition then we can go on and on.

Eating right food also means one will not think about cheating. Prithvi is enjoying onam delicacies cooked at home. He also enjoyed a well cooked fish dinner at Mohanlal’s house. So he is not eating boring foods like one does when he is dieting.

Apart from eating right foods Prithvi is also exercising on a regular basis. He is working on his stamina; strength training also improved his immune system. He came back to India during Covis-19 crisis and he was perfectly healthy.

So let’s follow Prithvi, because this man sure knows a thing or two about fitness.

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