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Panipat Star Kriti Sanon Follows A Fitness Routine That Everyone Can Relate To.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
November 19, 2019

Panipat Star Kriti Sanon is in news for her new role Parvati Bai.  Kriti is looking gorgeous, she always looks stunning, and we cannot remember a time when Kriti looked less than perfect. So obviously everyone wants to know the secret behind Kriti’s super fit body.


Kriti sat down with a woman and told her simple yet effective ways to stay fit.

Kriti Sanon Diet Plan

Kriti starts her day with warm water. Her breakfast is always eggs. But if Kriti is not shooting then she cheats on her breakfast, she eats homemade poha or a paratha to satisfy her craving.

Lunch is always chicken and two/three spoon brown rice for her. However Kirti admitted if she needed to look toned then she does not eat rice for couple of days and her lunch in those days are chicken and little vegetable.

Kriti does not prefer non-veg food for dinner. But sometimes she has to stay away from carb, in those days she makes chicken soup for dinner. On other days dinner is vegetable soup for her.

Almonds or small portion of fruits are snacks Kriti eats in between meals.

Kriti Sanon Exercise Plan

Kriti admits she does not like cardio at all. She does not do exercise if she is not working on a film. However if a role required her to become extra thin then she worked out twice a day. Kriti says that she can do anything for a role and she enjoys the process as it is only for a short period of time.

Kriti does not do anything outrageous, she said she cannot even think of surviving on juices only. Kriti is normal and natural; we hope she will stay like that forever.

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