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Lose Weight At Home Without Spending Extra Money!

By Adity Bera
In Health & Fitness
February 6, 2020

You can lose weight at home without spending extra money for food. You do not have to join any gym or buy any supplement. But you will need to have one thing, determination to lose weight. You have to have the mindset; you need to tell yourself that you will follow a disciplined lifestyle until you reach your target weight.  This mind and some minor diet adjustments will give you the body you always desired.

Weight loss

Diet For Weight Loss

Before we begin let us tell you that to lose weight you do not need to buy any special items. You have cut some items you buy, so you will save money.

You will not buy oil, rice, ghee, butter, bread, potato chips, fat free cornflakes.

You will buy local fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, chicken and eggs instead.

Always start your day with eggs, it fills you up. Have a fruit as snack, any fruit you get. You can have a banana or Apple; you do not need berries or Kiwi.

Lunch should be oatmeal and some boiled chicken. If you are a vegetarian then eat boiled missed vegetables. Add salt to oil free chicken or veggies; use a drop of fresh lemon juice for flavor.  Tomato is also good for adding taste.

Afternoon snack should be a fresh fruit and black tea. You can drink black tea and coffee as much as you desire. It will not stop weight loss.

Vegetable or chicken soup is ideal for early dinner. Make the soup runny, water will fill you up.


No need to buy any expensive equipment. Go for thirty minutes walks twice a day and you will lose weight.

Do not believe what so called popular diets say follow the above routine for at least six months and you will reach your target weight.


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