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How Varun Dhawan Got 8 Packs Abs

By Rima Chowdhury
In Celebrity Fitness
July 1, 2015

Varun Dhawan proudly flaunted his 8 packs abs in Badlapur teaser, and this made the world go gaga over him. He was never like this before, and we pushed his boundaries from being a chocolate boy to ab pack boy. After the movie Badlapur, Varun Dhawan flaunted his 8 packs in the movie ABCD 2 and this was a perfectly toned body.

Varun Dhawan Got 8 Packs Abs

Varun Dhawan Got 8 Packs Abs

Although in tweeter, Varun tweeted about his 6 packs and also posted the photo, many of the celebs were confused whether they were 6 abs or 8 abs. Varun cleared the confusion saying the last two abs were not perfectly defined and toned, so he tweeted about his six packs. According to Varun, it was a hard effort taken by him to get this perfect tones body. He went on and off with workouts and continuous hard work. He was on liquids for that practicing period so that he does not get a single pound of extra fats on his body.

Varun Dhawan Got 8 Packs Abs

Varun Dhawan Got 8 Packs Abs

Varun advises everyone about practicing dance. According to him, dancing is the best exercise that can help to count down the weight and trim the belly fat especially. He especially did the bending and stretching part every morning and also would take efforts to warm up before he starts training himself.

Varun Dhawan Got 8 Packs Abs

Varun Dhawan Got 8 Packs Abs

He also added by saying, he guided Shraddha Kapoor to lose some weight by the way of dancing, bending and stretching. He also had been training the other cast in ABCD 2. It is only dedication and hard work, which made his 8 packs abs dream come true. Now you will be able to see 8 packs of Mr.Dhawan in the movie clearly, widely from every angle.

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