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Happy Birthday Jacqueline Fernandez: Her Workout Session During Lockdown Can Inspire Us All!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
August 11, 2020

Happy birthday to the owner of sweetest smile on earth, Jacqueline Fernandez. Jacqueline is spending her birthday with friends, her family members are in two different countries, so she cannot be with them physically.

Jacqueline did not see her parents or sibling ever since the lockdown. The actress admitted this is hard for her. But her workout routines are big help during this stressful time.

Below is the daily routine of Jacqueline which can help us if we are feeling the blues during unending stress of covid-19 time.


Jacqueline believes a diet filled with high fibre low calorie foods is the best diet. So Jacqueline eats fresh fruits, vegetables like broccoli on daily basis. Avocado gives her body the required fat. Nuts and quinoa feels her us. Junk foods with sugar and oil are no-no for her.

Jacqueline drinks tons of water every day to keep her body hydrated in Mumbai heat.


Yoga, pole dancing, running, swimming, classical dancing, aerobics, Pilates, Jacqueline does them all. She indulges in a variety of exercises so she does not get bored.

Jacqueline believes in two things don’t add sugar in food and always keep moving and her believes keep her fit no matter what.

Have a good day Jacqueline.


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