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Actress Manju warrier diet plan : Celebrity Fitness

By Rima Chowdhury
In Celebrity Fitness
October 27, 2014
Manju Warrier weight loss tips

Manju Warrier weight loss tips

Worried about weight issues, Take Tips from Manju Warrier.

A little change in our routine life can go a long way in shaping up our body. I know following strict diet plans can be burdensome, so here are some simple yet effective tips that can bring a lot of change in your health.
Make a change in your regular eating places. Avoid oily greasy food and switch to healthy fresh food, this does not require a lot of effort but sure makes a lot of difference. Next, when you go grocery shopping do not stop at the snack corner. Buy your regular veggies, milk, and eggs and come back. You will be surprised at the change.
Get used to small yet effective health exercises and take time out for them every day. A must here is an hour of walking, be it while coming back from office or departmental store or a time particularly set aside for it. Add yoga to your exercise schedule, this will rejuvenate you and will also keep you happy. Go to an open space for yoga, do not try it at clustered bedroom space of yours.
Eat fresh, this is a must do not go for staple food no matter what.

Manju Warrier weight loss tips

Manju Warrier weight loss tips

Manju Warrier diet plan

  • Skip restaurants
  • Skip the salty aisle – stopped routinely buying snacks
  • Have a 300-calorie breakfast
  • Get fit in five – small bouts of exercise
  • Healthy up with one-hour walking
  • More eat veggies
  • Do yoga
  • Dance my fav
  • every time happy
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