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Worried About Gaining Weight During Lockdown? Learn From Katrina Kaif And Lose Weight At Home.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
April 22, 2020

Katrina Kaif has the best body. We know that but we are not going to talk that instead we will focus on something more important. Katrina 35.9 million followers on Instagram and these followers know how Katrina is not compromising her health due to stress. She is making isolation work for her here is how.

Katrina is not eating more due to stress. The actress did not reveal what she is eating every day but we can see that she is looking fit and her face is not bloated so she is not eating sugar or salt. Katrina revealed she does Keto diet and we believe Katrina is not cheating on her diet.

It is hard for common people like us to get what we want right now. But we can portion control, not eat sugar added foods and these simple steps will prevent weight gain.

Katrina is doing household works all by herself. She is cleaning, cooking, washing and making these activities calorie burning workout. Katrina even came under fire from one of her ex-directors for posting workout videos but the actress does not care. She is fit and she is helping her fans to stay fit with her.

So be like Katrina and stay fit during forced stay at home time.


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