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Why Bollywood Celebrities Trust Keto Diet To Lose Weight???

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
April 11, 2019

Bollywood celebrities are infamous for losing weight quickly. Doctors warn fans on drastic weight loss, they ask them not to do it. But fans look up to these celebrities and dream of being as thin as them.


Karan Johar to Bipasha Basu, many Bollywood celebrities tried Keto diet for weight loss. But what is Keto diet anyway?  We are about to tell you all about Keto diet.

Keto Diet Plan

First of all it is a misconception that vegetarians cannot do Keto. Vegetarians can also try Keto diet but it is little harder for them. Keto basically means low card diet. Dieters cannot eat foods that have high carb, sugar. So grains, fruits are potatoes are not allowed in this diet.

Dieters can eat lean meat, eggs, green vegetables and some nuts. Only black coffee, black tea and water are allowed as drinks.

Dieters can lose up to 5 kg per week in this diet.

Keto Diet Exercise

You have to build your exercise routine slowly if you are doing Keto diet. Less carb, no sugar, do not provide much, so start with just walking for 30 minutes per day. Then move on to strength training and other hard cardio exercise.

Keto diet is not for long term, but if you want to lose weight quickly for medical reason then it can help you.


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