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Want To Look Like Katrina Kaif? Then Stop Eating Fruits Now!!!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
June 13, 2019

Actress Katrina Kaif shocked thousands of fans when she said she does not consume fruits. Common belief is fruits are the healthiest foods we can eat. Katrina is known for her amazing figure. Katrina sure knows how to stay fit after 30. If you are over 30, a woman, then fruits may not be the healthiest foods for you. Here are why,

Fruit Salad

Sugar:  Children may say no to vegetables, even eggs, but most kids will eat fruits like Mangos without any hesitation. Children love fruits because they are very sweet. Fruits are like healthiest candies for kids. Kids are always moving around, so they burn sugar from fruits easily. Grown women have lower metabolism and most women stay in one place for most part of the day. Sugar consumed from fruits stay in body. Natural sugar is bad for diabetic patients also.

Bloating: Sugar makes the belly bloat. Katrina wants flat stomach, so she stays away from fruits.

Thyroid: Fruits are not good for women with thyroid issues. Most Indian women suffer from thyroid because they consume fruits that they should not.

Fruits also carry chemicals and most people eat fruits without washing them properly. Too many fruits can also cause stomach ache. Fruits are especially bad during rainy season.

So if you want to look like Katrina Kaif then stay away from Mangos this season!


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