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Want To Look Like Disha Patani? Well, You Can By Eating Foods She Eats And Working Out Like Her.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
October 18, 2018

Yesterday Disha Patani broke internet by posting a picture of her in nothing but innerwear. Disha was looking stunning. Fans obviously want to know how Disha got a body like this. Today is your lucky day as we will tell you all about Disha’s diet and exercise plans.

Disha Patani Diet Plan

Breakfast: Egg whites and a fruit of her choice.

Lunch: Boiled chicken and boiled vegetables.

Dinner: Vegetable soup.

Tips from Disha

Do not skip meals.

Drink only plain water, black tea and black coffee.

Eat cheat meals at least once in fifteen days, but eat a small portion of cheat mean.

Do not eat dinner after 8 pm.

Disha Patani Exercise Plan

Disha works out a lot; she is young so she does not feel any pain even after working out for hours. Disha does yoga, strength training, cardio and jogging on treadmill.

Tips From Disha

Do not exercise on an empty stomach.

Always stretch before starting work out.

Keep a water bottle in hand to avoid dehydration during workout.

Don’t eat a full meal before working out.

Women should not avoid weight training, lifting weights make women stronger.

Disha is currently working on multiple projects, and in 2019 we will hear more from her.




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