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VJ Bani The Ultimate Power Woman Is Inspiring Young Indian Women To Be Strong Like Her.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
June 14, 2018

Some men feel intimidated when they see VJ Bani. Her strong body provides assurance that Bani can take care of herself very well. She is not like most girls, even though she is very pretty. Bani decided to build a strong body only few years ago. People made fun of her, called her a man, but she just does not care.

Bani’s Diet Plan

For everyone asking ‘what you eat?!’ ‘how you make your body’ ‘what makes this ‘Gains’ lol. • Just got home from a grocery run, this here is my usual go to food items for any of my meals. • B+ blood groups are allergic to white meat so I don’t eat chicken anymore🐓 When in india I stick to red meat, eggs, and fish. • Carb sources are Brown rice, white rice, oats, sweet potatoes and dates (I fallen in love w/ dates as of late) • Fat sources a lot of dry fruits, whole eggs, coconut oil/ olive oil, avocados (I don’t eat 🥑 here much for some reason prefer it in smoothies) any kind of butter ie peanut or almond (slather the ish out of it on my beloved pancakes 🥞, you know it). I’m off protein as a supp since I’d just much rather get it in via food as opposed to a shake. Gimme more food to eat lol. ___________________________ #totheGains #ibetterputallthisinthefridgenow #typicalgroceryrun #morelikeawalk #okslightJog #gainTrain #eattoGrow #ifyouthinkyoureeatingalot #youredefnot #donotbeafraidtoEat #eatcleanthatis #blessup

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Breakfast: Eggs and egg whites

Snack: Protein shake

Lunch: Two wholegrain breads and lean protein (sometimes lamb stakes)

Snack: Cheese or nuts

Dinner: Vegetables and fish.

Bani also drinks more than eight glasses of water every day so her system stays clean.

Bani’s Exercise Plan

Bani may be a stunning lady but she exercises like a strong man. She lifts heavy weights every day. But Bani wants her young fans to know she gradually increased her stamina, it is not like one day she woke up and decided to lift heavy weight.

Pull ups, push ups, jump ropes, planks are what keep Bani strong. Bani also runs and walks every day to burn calories.

If you are a woman and you want to be as powerful as Bani then please visit a nutritionist and a trainer, do it but do it with safety and caution.


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