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The Common Practice Kareena Kapoor Khan And Sunny Leone Follow To Stay Healthy After 35!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
November 21, 2019

Is meat the number one culprit for women over 35? Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sunny Leone gave up meat after celebrating their 30th birthdays. These two women are aging better than 50 percent women population of the world. Kareena and Sunny are both vegetarians and the do not miss the meat.


Are you over 30 and still addicted to meat? Are you struggling to lose weight? Then read the details mentioned below to learn why maybe it is time for you to give up meat.

Vegetarian Diet For Women

Most women have sweet tooth. Meat does not contain any sweet, so women will crave actual sweet after eating a piece of meat. And most women give up to that craving around 4 pm, this is the primary reason behind women gaining weight after a certain age.


Fruits contain natural sugar and honestly look more appetizing than diet meal with meat. Fruits are healthy, have less calories and you can eat seasonal fruits all day to keep the hunger away.

Sunny and Kareena believes in eating the rainbow, they eat a lot of colorful fruits and vegetables every day.  They also eat other meals with wholegrain bread or brown rice, little ghee or butter, but they admit giving up meat gave them the best health of their lives.

So if you are feeling bloated all day then maybe it is time for you to give up meat also!

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