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Tara Sutaria Cheats On Her Diet For The Sake Of Weight Gain!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
May 12, 2020

Confusing title? No, Tara Sutaria actually cheats on her diet because she does not want to over eat and gain weight. Like every other human being Tara also craves her favourite food and she satisfy her craving by eating a small portion. She does not over indulge and she thinks if she does not cheat on her diet then one day she will give up her diet and eventually gain weight. We call this an intelligent plan.

Anyway, apart from craving the following is Tara’s regular diet plan.

Diet Plan

Breakfast: No sugar no milk coffee or tea, one whole grain bread with egg white omelette.

Lunch: Vegetables and chicken cooked without oil.

Dinner: Chicken or vegetable soup.

Snack: Seasonal fruits.

Tara also keeps drinking plain water to stay hydrated.

Exercise Plan

Tara works out like an athlete. She does strength training, runs on treadmill. Tara does a lot of abs workout and her effort shows. She tries to spend at least 2 hours inside her gym.

Tara started working in showbiz since she was a little girl. She knows how to stay fit. A healthy body helps an actress’ longevity and Tara knows that so she never compromises on her fitness.

Tara’s diet and fitness plan is ideal for everyone who wants to  avoid weight gain.


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