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Sushmita Sen Will Make Women Half Her Age Jealous With Her Fit Body, Know Her Secret Here!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
November 1, 2018

Sushmita Sen is over 40 but she looks at least a decade younger. Sushmita recently posted a picture of her practicing an upside down yoga pose, and the picture went viral on internet. Women all over world want to know how Sushmita became so fit. If you are a Sushmita fan, then you are in luck as in this article we will give you an exclusive access to Sushmitaโ€™s fitness diary.

Sushmita Sen Diet

Like a true diva Sushmita does not believe in setting a diet plan for herself, she eats certain foods only and she never touches cold drinks, or potato chips, but she can eat anything from her choice food items.

Sushmita starts her day with carbohydrate; she eats boiled potato and broccoli as breakfast. Sushmita does not eat carb for rest of the day. Egg whites are her snacks.ย  Boiled chicken and grilled fish are her lunch and dinner.

Sushmita also drinks sugar free protein shakes to build muscle. But she hates energy bars.

Sushmita Sen Exercise

Sushmita works out like a professional athlete. She even makes her two daughters work out with her.

Sushmita likes power yoga. She dances, she lifts heavy weights and she does some very hard leg workouts.

Sushmita works out for an hour every day.

The original diva of Bollywood Sushmita is getting better with age, thanks to her dedication for fitness.



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