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Shah Rukh Khan’s Inspiring Fitness Journey: From Carefree Superstar To A Healthy Megastar.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
July 12, 2018

Shah Rukh Khan was a chain smoker and he also loved occasional drinks. SRK was a fan of fried chicken too. SRK was able to maintain his thin shape due to long working hours and almost no sleep. SRK now works much less and he also takes care of his diet and workout. SRK became healthy when Farah Khan told him she wants him to build six pack abs for Om Shanti OM. SRK started working out and there is no looking back for him after that.

SRK diet plan

Breakfast:  Egg whites

Snack: Egg white omelet

Lunch: Vegetables and chicken sandwich

Dinner: Grilled fish and veggies

SRK also drinks protein shakes, but he makes sure his shakes don’t contain any sugar.

SRK workout plan

SRK trains for five days a week. He lifts heavy weights; he works on each body part now.

SRK suffers from heavy back pain, so he has to take some caution when he exercises, SRK cannot do some workouts due to his back pain.

SRK still smokes but he now smokes much less than he used to. SRK also sleeps well now as his doctors asked him to do so.

SRK was like any Indian man before he began his fitness journey. Now he is fitter than ever at 50. His fitness journey can inspire a lot of his followers.


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