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Sanaya Irani’s Fitness Mantra Is As Loveable As Her!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
September 12, 2019

Sanaya Irani’s diet and exercise plan is simple like her. Sanaya is one of the hottest stars of small screen. She has billions of fans who adore her. She is a woman who man wants to date; she is a woman who inspires other women. Sanaya is an inspiration. Sanaya does not share a lot on her private life, but in rare occasion she talked about how she keeps herself fit. Here is what she has to say about her eating habit and exercise plan.

Sanaya Irani Diet Plan

Sanaya works every day. She is smart and she understands that she cannot follow a diet plan for long term with her lifestyle. So Sanaya came up with a perfect solution. She does not eat any deep fried, high carb, high calorie foods. Fruits, Idli, light soups are the foods she eat. They keep her full.

Sanaya loves chocolate, but she only eats a small portion of chocolate to avoid weight gain.

Water and black coffee are her only drinks.

Sanaya Irani Exercise Plan

Sanaya is a yoga-holic. She has a trainer who teaches her new Yoga moves. Sanaya runs walks and does cardio to burn calories.

Sanaya also takes care of her skin. She always looks good. So we can say her diet definitely works for her.


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