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Ram Kapoor Shocks And Inspires Millions With His Jaw-dropping Weight Loss!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
July 11, 2019

Ram Kapoor is one of the highest paid Indian TV stars with millions of fans. Not only he played lead characters in multiple top rated television shows, but he also delivered award worthy performances in popular feature films. But Ram was keeping a low profile for last couple of months, and now we know why. He was losing weight.

Ram Kapoor

Doctors warned Ram when his weight reached 135 kg. He had to do something. Ram is 45 years old and he never cared for exercises. So he had hard job in hand. But he did it. Here is how.

Diet Plan

Ram ate five to six small meals every day. His meals were protein high and low carb. Ram did not ate processed fat (oil, ghee, butter, cheese), processed sugar (even fruits were limited). Ram ate small amount of eggs and fish, he ate various green vegetables. Ram also drank sufficient water every day.


As we said before it was not easy for Ram to start exercising. He took it slow. He started with crunches and moved on to other form of cardio. He even started weight training.

Ram Kapoor is a proof it is never too late to get fit. So if you need inspiration for weight loss, then check out Ram’s journey.


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