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Rakul Preet Singh’s Fitness Routine Is What You Need To Get Motivated After Holiday Break.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
October 29, 2019

Diwali comes to an end, time for normal life. Feeling lethargic? Then read Rakul Preet Singh’s fitness routine to get motivated.  Rakul not only looks amazing from outside, she is actually a healthy woman. Rakul is dedicated to her fitness. She tries to inspire her fans on Instagram. Here are Rakul’s tips to live a healthy life.

Rakul Preet Singh Diet

Rakul loves her food. She does not starve and believe her body needs right amount of nutrition. What Rakul does not eat are junk foods. Rakul eats homemade healthy meals.

Rakul loves her organic veggies and fruits. She adds multiple colors to her daily meals by using fruits and veggies. She loves eggs, berries, kale, and lean protein.

Rakul tries to eat same type of meal every day. She also drinks plain water to make sure she digests her food properly. She also loves freshly squeezed juice.

Rakul Preet Singh Exercise

Rakul exercises every day. She goes for long walks with her dog. Inside her gym she works on her legs, chest, arms, abs. Cardio is must for her.


Rakul finishes her workout with Yoga routine.

If you are worried about weight gain due to holiday eating then you need to follow Rakul and you will be back to your normal weight soon.


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