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Rakul Preet Singh fitness Secrets: Find Out How Rakul Keeps Her Body In Top Shape.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
November 2, 2017

Rakul Preet Singh loves her food; she is a true Punjabi when it comes to eating habit. But Rakul is an actress so she has to keep her body in top shape. Rakul refuses to give up her favorite foods, but then how she stays so fit? Well here is her secret,

  1. Rakul eats everything, but she makes sure she eats everything in moderation. Rakul eats healthy foods. Junk foods are no-no for Rakul. Rakul hates the word diet, so she is never on diet; she follows a healthy lifestyle instead.
  2. Rakul loves to jump. Rakul does her jumping exercise all day long. Jumping makes her happy and she burns a lot of calories while having fun.
  3. Rakul also loves gym; she goes to gym six days a week. No matter what, Rakul never misses her gym.
  4. Spinning and strength training are Rakul’s favorite types of exercises. Thanks to her busy schedule Rakul cannot spend more than one hour for exercise.
  5. Fruits, nuts and vegetables are part of Rakul’s every day diet. She eats nuts to get her energy.

Rakul once had to follow a strict diet for a film but the actress does not want her young fans to follow those kinds of diets, she wants them to live a healthy lifestyle instead.


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