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Raashi Khanna Shares Her Fitness Mantra And It Is Inspiring.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
December 26, 2019

Actress Raashi Khanna admits she cannot eat whatever she wants and she has to exercise like an athlete to stay in shape. Unlike some celebrities Raashi does not think she is naturally slim. So she is very careful when it comes to what she eats every day. She also learned to love exercise.

Here are the things Raashi does every day in terms of eating and exercising.

Raashi Khanna Diet Plan

Breakfast:  Egg whites, six almonds and one spoon ghee.

Lunch: Chicken/Fish and vegetables.

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Snack:  A bowl of mix vegetables.

After workout snack: Banana and sugar free protein shake.

Dinner: Fish and small amount of vegetable.


Raashi Khanna Workout Plan

Raashi eats ghee and drinks protein shake because she does hardcore workout every day. She does not cheat on her exercise. She does cardio, Yoga, strength training. She is also a working actress, so she needs a lot of energy to do all these every day.

Raashi goes for long walk if she cannot find time to hit the gym. She thinks morning is the best time to work out but she does it in evening as she stays busy during morning hours.

Raashi does not party and goes to sleep by 10 pm. Her lifestyle makes her even more attractive.



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