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Nick Jonas Body Transformation: How Priyanka Chopra’s Main Man Transformed Himself From A Shy Teen To A Hunk.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
June 28, 2018

Remember Jonas Brothers? Priyanka Chopra’s main man Nick Jonas first came under spotlight as a member of popular boy band “Jonas Brothers”. Teen girls loved Nick and his brothers Joe and Kevin. But Jonas Brothers broke up after some years and Nick decided to build his own identity. He took a break from music and decided to pursue acting. He also decided to gain muscles. Nick’s body transformation was one of the best among male celebrities; here is how he transformed his body.

Nick Jonas Diet Plan

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Breakfast: Three egg whites one full egg

Post-workout meal: Turkey and refined butter (one tablespoon)

Lunch: Two breads and chicken

Dinner: Salad and some lean meat

Nick Jonas Exercise Plan

This was a brutal finisher today. 😩

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Nick worked out with one of the best trainers of Los Angeles. Nick stated lifting weight, and gradually increased the dumbbell weight. He used to work out every day, even on weekends.

Apart from strength training Nick also worked on his legs, abs, arms and chest. He wanted a toned body so he did not neglect any body part.

Nick is now the most famous Jonas brother. He is dating Priyanka Chopra; he also has a great career going on.

Nick is currently enjoying India, but we think he is taking out some time to exercise every day, as we know fitness is very important to Nick.




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