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Manju Warrier Diet And Fitness Plans Are As Inspiring As Her.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
May 22, 2018

Manju Warrier is almost 40 but the actress looks much younger than a normal 40 year old woman. Manju is actually thinner now; she was not very toned when she started her career in cinema. Manju did not need to lose weight as she was never fat, but with right exercise and diet she became fitter, her body is also perfectly toned now.

Manju Warrier Diet Plan

Manju is a vegetarian and she does not like to eat out. Manju does not like fried foods, and she carries her homemade foods with her, at least when it is convenient. Manju eats only fruits and vegetables when she travels abroad for work.  An average day in Manju’s life is like,

Breakfast: Fruits

Lunch: Brown bread and vegetables

Dinner: Vegetable soup

Manju does not drink or smoke, so bloating problem does not exist for her.

Manju Warrier Exercise Plan

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Manju’s biggest advantage is she is a classical dancer and she practices dance for two hours every day. This activity burns tons of calories for Manju; actually she burns all her food calories with dancing practice.

Apart from dancing Manju also practices yoga and goes for long walks to stay fit.

Healthy lifestyle and not fad diets keep Manju in top shape.


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