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Mallika Sherawat Is Embracing Her Spiritual Side With Vegan And Yoga.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
May 3, 2018

Mallika Sherawat no longer lives in India, though she keeps visiting her native country often for work.  But Mallika lives either in Los Angeles or in Paris. Mallika is living the dream.

🌏🌏🌊🌊 #ocean #blue #bluesky #clearwater

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Mallika may not be the most successful actress in Bollywood but we cannot deny the fact that she has the hottest body among Indian actresses. Mallika does yoga and do you know she is vegan?  Let us go inside the life of Miss Sherawat.

Mallika Sherawat Diet Plan

Breakfast: Custom breakfast bowl with berries, fruits, nuts, dry fruits and seeds.

Lunch: Quinoa and vegetables or vegan sandwich

Dinner: Vegan sandwich/ oatmeal and grilled vegetables

Vegan Sunday brunch =turmeric latte with almond milk ➕vegan nachos wt avocados #vegan #govegan #healthylifestyle 🍵🌮🌯

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Snack: Green juice

Mallika stays in LA where organic fruits and vegetables are easily available. Mallika stays away from processed foods and sugar.

Mallika Sherawat Exercise Plan

Yoga is Mallika’s addiction. The pretty actress started doing yoga only recently, but she is already an expert on Yoga. Mallika practices yoga even when she is staying at a hotel.

Getting in shape is a lot of discipline & hard work #sundayworkout #fitness #gym

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Apart from yoga, MS also does strength training, aerobics, boxing, walking and biking to stay fit.

MS is fit and she wants her fans to stay fit too.  On her Instagram she posts pictures of her healthy meals and videos of her yoga routine to inspire her followers.

MS is living a happy and healthy life, but her fans are eagerly waiting to watch her in a Bollywood film soon.


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