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Malaika Arora Is Inspiring Us To Hit The Gym This Summer!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
May 30, 2019

For Malaika Arora fitness is not optional but mandatory. Malaika did not weight for a setback to get fitter, she was always fit and her fitness is the reason why she never had to take a break from life. A loving mom, an affectionate girlfriend, a dutiful daughter and sister, a friend, and a professional model, Malaika wears many hats every day. But she still manages to hit the gym.

Here is how Malaika is staying fit during hot summer of 2019.

Malaika’s summer diet

Malaika tries to stay away from non-veg meals during hot weather. Meat raises body temperature. She eats fresh fruits, vegetable, yogurts, coconut water to stay cool from inside.

Malaika never drinks sugar added fruit juices, soft drinks, or ice cream. She drinks home made fresh fruit juice.

Malaika always keeps a water bottle with herself; she makes sure her body stays hydrated during summer.

Malaika’s summer exercise

Outdoor exercise is not a practical choice during summer in Mumbai. So Malaika only does gym workout and yoga in summer. Yoga keeps her mind calm and cardio burns the calorie.

Malaika loves to life her own body weight. She is getting stronger due to this.

Malaika is over 40 and a mom but she is fitter than common 20 year old women, she is an inspiration for every woman.



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