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Janhvi Kapoor’s Diet And Exercise Plan: Here Is A List Of Foods She Eats Every Single Day To Stay In Shape.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
August 8, 2019

Janhvi Kapoor’s diet and exercise plan is carefully constructed by her longtime trainer and pal Namrata Purohit. Janhvi is not Namrata’s first Bollywood client, infact she trains half of Bollywood. So Namrata knows Bollywood celebs need custom made diet and exercise plan as they are always traveling and living in hotel.

Contrary to what we see on candid pictures Janhvi does not exactly like exercising and dieting. She is a cool girl who enjoying relaxed life. But to stay fit she goes against her wish and she follows Namrata’s plan without any miss. So here is what Janhvi eats every day.

Janhvi Kapoor Diet Plan

Breakfast: Egg whites and homemade green fruit juice.

Lunch:  Chicken and a tablespoon of brown rice.

Dinner: Grilled fish and boiled vegetables.

Janhvi Kapoor Exercise Plan

Namrata believes in basic. So Janhvi does weight lifting and cardio exercise. Right now Namrata is trying to create a custom Yoga routine for Janhvi. She also does Pilates. Janhvi works out with sister Khushi Kapoor.

Janhvi just started her Bollywood journey. She is eldest daughter of legend Sridevi. Janhvi credits her work and exercise routine for saving her from going into depression after her mother Sridevi died suddenly.

We are wishing strong and brave Janhvi a great life ahead.



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