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Its Vitamin D And Yoga For Sunny Leone To Beat Covid-19 Stress.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
July 14, 2020

Sunny Leone took special permission from Indian government to leave the country and go back to her home in Los Angeles. Sunny wanted to provide her three kids best protection during hard times. She is not an Indian citizen and in Mumbai she lived in a rented place. So obviously she wanted to be at a safer place.

California, where Sunny is currently staying with her kids and husband also has Covid-19 but the situation is better than Mumbai. Sunny is going for long walks and getting lots of Sunlight to make her immune system stronger. Sunny is already a very fit person. Doctors are asking people to be in Sunlight with a mask on and get vitamin D.

Sunny Leone

Sunny was/is always very careful when it comes to her diet. She told an interviewer that fat word does not exist in her dictionary. Sunny stays fit, but she does not care about her weight. Sunny eats 100 calories snacks all day. Big meals make her lethargic. So she avoids them during day time.

Sunny Leone

Apart from long walks Sunny is also doing her regular Yoga practice to be flexible. After ages she is not working for such long period. But she is not complaining, she is enjoying her stay at home with her kids and husband. Sunny is staying happy to deal with Covid-19 stress.



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