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Isha Kriya With Samantha Akkineni: What Is It And How Can It Improve Your health!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
June 30, 2020

Actress Samantha Akkineni recently posted this message on her Instagram, “Today i begin my 48 days of the Isha kriya journey.. I invite you to join me … Isha kriya brings health , prosperity and well-being . It is a powerful tool to cope .. and is meant to empower us to live life to our fullest potential .. link in bio .. it is a free guided meditation.. I wish you peace 🤗”  Many of her fans do not know what Isha Kriya really is. Today we will tell you what it is and how it can improve your mood and overall health.


How To do Isha Kriya

It is better to Isha Kriya in the morning, right after waking up and on empty stomach. Meditation means clearing your mind from all kind of negative thoughts. At first you will not be able to stop thinking while doing meditation, it will take time. But if you are consistent then you can do it. Just concentrate on your breathing pattern. Stay at a clean place. Close your eyes and sit still for 20 minutes.

If you can do meditation for 20 minutes every day for more than a month then you will see a visible change in your body. You will feel healthier, lighter and more energetic.

Even though meditation demands no special diet but it is believed that during Isha Kriya phase it is better to stay away from animal products.

You can eat organic fruits, vegetables and nuts as much as you like. But try to cook them without sugar and spices.

Samantha is a health conscious celebs and she used her lockdown time to practice yoga, meditation. Follow Samantha on Instagram for tips on Yoga.


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