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Inspiring Fitness Journey: How Sexually Abused Tanushree Dutta Left India And Focused On Health To Get Life Back On Track.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
September 27, 2018

Tanushree Dutta complained about sexual harassment, but found no ears. She felt all alone in her own country. Tanushree left India for a life in US. Today Tanushree is an US citizen and she is looking better than ever. Here is how Tanushree changed her life for better.

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Headshot session in NY..some new clicks…

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Healing Diet

Tanushree was a model and beauty queen, so she was always on diet. Tanushree did not eat foods she wanted to eat; she starved herself to look thin. Tanushree was focused on looking thin and not overall health.  But after a bad incident she decided to focus on health and happiness and not “looking very thin.”

Tanushree started eating foods she loves. But it is not like she is ordering pizza every day, she does not, she eats organic fruits and veggies, but she also enjoys a Dosa once in a while, which she did not when she was working in Bollywood.

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Dosa dinner in the suburbs of New Jersey!! I'm a suburban girl now..Amen!!

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Tanushree also enjoys fries once in a while. She also indulges in dessert.

The main aspect of her new diet is, she can enjoy things in life but still look super amazing, and Tanushree no longer cares for cruel modeling world rules.


It is not just foods that helped Tanushree; she also started doing Yoga to feel better. Tanushree did not care for gym exercise, she started going for long walks, and she started running, swimming. She was staying in New Jersey, she was able to live a non-celeb lifestyle after ages.

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Tanushree is looking fabulous these days, but fans will be sad to hear she has no plans to act again, she is happy with her new life.

Tanushree has a lot to offer, her journey can be seen as an inspiration for women who suffered abuse. We hope Tanushree will stay fit and continue to inspire women.


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