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How To Cope With Body-shamming? Learn From Ileana D’Cruz And Neha Dhupia.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
November 26, 2019

Can you believe stunning women like Ileana D’Cruz and Neha Dhupia also faced body-shamming? In today’s article we will talk about how these women dealt with body shamming. And why should never start to diet and exercise to be thin!

Fitness is important and one should also try to keep their body weight around target body weight. But society is cruel and they body shame someone as sunning as Ileana D’Cruz or Neha Dhupia.

Here is what these actresses said about coping with body-shammers.

When actress Neha Dhupia went for an official event after giving birth to her daughter, a female journalist pointed out she is overweight. The actress did not like that.

Ileana said she is hearing she is not perfect since she was a teenager. Ileana said one woman told her she does not like her arms, to which Ileana replied that she also does not think her arms are perfect but she has decided to accept her arms like that.

Ileana and Neha do exercise and eat healthy foods on daily basis. But they do not care to appear pencil thin. And they want their fans like you to know it is okay to be imperfect but one should aim to be healthy.



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