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How To Beat Summer Heat With Diet? Foods That Will Make Cool From Inside!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
April 16, 2019

Is there anything worse than summer heat? You are sweating 24/7, your hair, skin are greasy and on top it all your belly feels bloated due to all increase intake of water during the day. Winter should last more. Anyway since that is not going to happen we need to learn how to cope with summer, good news is we can stay in better shape during summer heat if we eat right. So here you go, we will tell you what to eat this summer.

Summer Diet

Summer Diet

Breakfast: 2 glasses of water and three slices of water melon, two eggs or four egg whites.

Snacks: Black tea with lemon (no sugar, add a pinch of salt) and six almonds.

Lunch: One cup of brown rice with some boiled vegetables of your choice. (Avoid adding spice as spices make our body warm).

Afternoon Snack: Lemon tea with almond (5) or salt free peanuts (only 10.)

Dinner: Tomato soup (freshly made) with onions and two small brown bread.

Try to finish dinner by 7 pm and do not drink water after 10 p.m. You should try to go for a long walk after dinner. It will make you feel lighter. Stay away from eating meats and meat makes us warm and increases blood pressure.

Follow the above routine and you will enjoy summer.


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