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How Does Superstar Vijay Stay Fit? His Diet And Exercise Plan Revealed.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
July 9, 2019

Superstar Vijay is ruling Tamil film industry for decades. He used to be very thin at the beginning of his career. But for a certain role Vijay decided to bulk up, develop six pack abs. Ever since that he re-introduced himself as a masculine superstar.


Rumor is Vijay has both nutritionist and a trainer and they tell him what to eat or how long he should exercise. Here is what Vijay’s diet and exercise diary looks like, according to a fitness magazine.

Diet Plan For Vijay

Breakfast: A bowl of fresh fruits like Berries, peanut butter and coconut water.

Lunch: Mushroom, Turkey, eggs, chicken and two thin slices of brown bread.

Dinner:  Brown bread and salad.

Vijay works a lot, so he prefers not to snack in-between meals and he does not have time to chew the snacks well.

Workout For Vijay

Vijay does cardio for ten minutes. Then he works on his entire body. He lifts weight. But Vijay misses workout session if he is very busy with work, he does not panic if he misses gym session. He just takes a long walk on that day.

Fit boy and healthy mind keep Vijay going, he is an inspiration for  us all.


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