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Hina Khan Looks Like A Beauty But Trains Like A Beast To Beat The Stress Of Trolling.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
July 17, 2018

Hina Khan has both die-hard fans and haters, her fans adore her, and on the other hand her haters troll her on social media. But Hina cares less, she stays calm. Her fitness provides her a calm mind. So here is how Hina achieved her fitness.

Hina Khan Diet Plan

Hina admitted she eats both non-veg and veg foods, she also eats oily foods , desserts sometimes, but she never overeats. Hina eats eggs, boiled greed vegetables, chicken, and fish for dinner and lunch. She eats fruits or oatmeal for breakfast.

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Hina drinks 12 glasses of water every day; she also drinks coconut water, fresh coconut water. She believes coconut water and homemade curd keep her skin glowing.

Hina Khan Exercise Plan

When u stand on a line between giving up and how much more u can take💪 sweat it out guys.. #StayFit #StayYou #WorkOutDiaries @vikky2121

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Hina works out like a man; she lifts heavy weights, and do ab exercises, works on her legs.

Hina spends almost two hours per day working out. On top of working at the gym she swims for hours to beat the stress.

Hina is a very confident young woman, she does not care what others think about her, and she continues to live life on her own terms.

No wonder Hina is one of the highest paid stars of Indian television right now.


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