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Health Conscious Prithviraj Tests Negative For Covid 19: How To Get Immunity Like Him?

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
June 4, 2020

Prithviraj was stuck at Jordan due to lockdown. He did a voluntary Covid 19 test after staying in quarantine for a week. The actor tested negative for coronavirus. Great news and this also proves if a person has strong immunity then he or she can avoid catching corona even after international travel.

Prithviraj was maintaining a strict diet for his character in Aadujeevitham. He had to get rid of every inch fat from his body. The actor told an interviewer that he does not want his fans to do low calorie diet like he did. Prithviraj was never overweight, he lost 30 kilos which means the diet and exercise was intense.

To lose that amount of weight Prithviraj did not eat anything that contains sugar. Not even fruits. Egg white, boiled chicken, leafy vegetables were his only foods. He also did not consume white salt. The diet was hard.

No cardio, Prithviraj did only weight training for hours. He took three months break from work so he can concentrate on health.

Coronavirus is killing people with high amount of blood sugar. If a person keeps blood sugar in check like Prithvi did then it is easier for him to beat the virus.

Diet and exercise are not just for weight loss. It can also give a person better immunity and longer lifespan. As Prithviraj said, no one needs to follow strict diet like him but one can easily get rid of bad food habits along with indulging in minor exercises for 30 minutes every day.

Stay home, and stay fit.



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