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Happy Holi 2019: Here Is How You Can Stay Healthy And Enjoy The Festival At The Same Time.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
March 21, 2019

Happy Holi 2019 to all our beautiful readers.

Are you worried that you have to compromise with your health while playing Holi? Then say no more as we will tell you how to stay healthy and safe while enjoy the festival of color.


Play with friends only

Make sure you are enjoying Holi only with people you know.  Do not allow strangers at your celebration.

Play with organic colors

Organic colors are easily washable and do not harm your skin or eyes. Organic colors are costly but your health should always come first.

Say no to food or drinks made by strangers

Be rude, do not drink or eat foods offered by people you do not know. This is where all the problems start, especially if you are a woman then you need to say no to men who you do not know.

After the celebration take a shower and use lukewarm water. If you are feeling dizzy then lie down.  If the symptom does not go away then consult a doctor, follow the same rule for skin rashes.

Play Holi, enjoy the day, but always stay safe.


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