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Happy Birthday Priyanka Chopra, Find Out How “New York State Of Mind” Helps The Actress To Stay Fit!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
July 18, 2019

Happy birthday Priyanka Chopra, may you glow even brighter in years to come.

Priyanka started her career at 15 as a model; she is following strict diet since she was 12 years old. She wanted to be a model and her doctor parents helped her in achieving her goal. They put her on diet and made sure she exercises. Priyanka was a confident girl due to her parents always helping her. But after joining Bollywood she started gaining weight, she was heaviest during her low phase. A female journalist made fun of her body on television. But then Karan Johar offered her Dostana and PC had to get back in shape to wear a bikini. That film became iconic and started PC’s journey to legendary status.

However, PC became paranoid with her diet and exercise after Dostana. She used to eat only fruits and vegetable soup. She did not drink. She used to work all day, and then she exercises for two /three hours per day. She sustained injury and her life started to get boring.

But then she started another new phase, she moved to US to record her English album. Priyanka noticed Hollywood stars are fitter than her, and they do not follow strict diet or exercise. They drink, party. Priyanka liked that, she also started enjoying life. But she made sure even she never cross her required daily calorie intake, so if she has a glass of wine and a burger, then she does not eat any other solid food for rest of the day.

Today PC goes for long walks with her hubby Nick Jonas. She swims for hours. These activities make her hubby, they are much better than exercising inside a gym. PC also loves biking with Jonas family. She eats organic food but on weekend she drinks wine and has a burger. Life is fun for Priyanka. And she never felt healthier.

Life is a balance and birthday girl Priyanka found the balance. All the best to her, may she continue to enjoy her status as the global star from India.


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