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Happy Birthday Manushi Chhillar: 5 Simple Health Tips From Birthday Girl.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
May 14, 2020

Happy birthday to you Manushi Chhillar, we hope you are having a great day at home.

Manushi is only 23 years old. She was never fat but the young woman still lives a healthy lifestyle in order to stay active. Here are five health tips from this gorgeous young woman.

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  1. No skipping breakfast: Sometimes Manushi shoots at night and she wakes up late next morning, on most days she wakes up early. But irrespective of her wake up time she eats a healthy breakfast within 30 minutes of getting out of bed. She eats fruits, eggs, oatmeal, black coffee as breakfast.


  1. No sugar snack: Manushi do not consume processed sugar. Nuts and seasonal fruits are her only snack. These foods are both tasty and healthy.
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Do you love leg days?

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  1. Lunch should be nutritious: Manushi does not eat rice or bread for lunch. She prefers vegetables and fruits. Rice or bread slow her down and makes her sleepy so she avoids them.


  1. Early dinner: Manushi always eats her dinner three hours before she goes to bad. Her dinner is also much lighter than her breakfast and lunch. A light vegetable soup is her favorite.


  1. She keeps moving: Manushi does not sit around. She goes for walk, she does yoga, she works out at gym. She keeps burning calories throughout the day.


Simple and effective, everyone can follow Manushi’s fitness guide to get back health on track.


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