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Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart: A Look At Birthday Girl’s Diet And Exercise Routine.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
April 9, 2019

Happy birthday Kristen Stewart, we wish you very best for the year ahead.

Kristen became the highest paid Hollywood actress after the success of Twilight series. Kristen became the woman who men want to date and women wanted to be just like her. Kristen said she is proud of her work, fame but it was not easy for her. She was always thin and her producers wanted her to stay thin. The goal was to never put on weight. Kristen described how she managed to stay thin. It was hard.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Diet And Exercise

Kristen joked that she was the girl who loved her butter and red meat. However her trainer asked her to give up on her love, and eat lean meat only. Lean meat should be grilled or boiled and butter has no place on Kristen’s plate.

Kristen is a professional actress, so she listened to her trainer and started eating healthy. Kristen now eats egg whites, lean meats, green colored vegetables, occasional fruits, some nuts. She drinks gallons of water every day.

Kristen also works out two hours a day. Then she goes for long walks and runs. She has to burn the calories, this is the only way she prevents putting on weight.

It is hard, but then she is Kristen Stewart so she has to do it.


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