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Happy Birthday Katrina Kaif, Learn To Stay Fit From The Fittest Bollywood Actress Herself.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
July 16, 2019

Happy birthday Katrina Kaif, wishing you a great year ahead.

Katrina has the fittest and most toned body among Bollywood actresses. But do you know even Katrina was body shamed by audiences and writers at the beginning of her Bollywood career? Some called her pretty but chubby. Katrina did not break down instead she worked hard and today we see result of her hard work.

Katrina Kaif believes in following rules when it comes to career and health. She is not a “middle path” follower. She either does it or she does not. Here are lists of things Katrina does and does not when it comes to her health.

Katrina’s Diet Rules

Sugar is Katrina’s enemy. She does not drink alcohol or soft drinks as they contain sugar. She also does not consume any fruit apart from Cherry Tomato because fruits also contain sugar.

Katrina mostly eats vegetables and protein. No rice, no bread for her. She eats eggs, nuts, chicken, Turkey, salads only.

She does not cheat on her diet. Black coffee and water are her only drinks.

Katrina’s Exercise Rules

Katrina is fit and she does go to gym every day. But according to her trainer she is very careful about not getting hurt due to extreme physical training. Katrina knows her limit and she stays within the boundary.

Cardio like walking, running on treadmill, strength training, Pilates, yoga and dancing are Katrina’s favorite methods of working out.

May Katrina stay fit like this forever, all the best to her.


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