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Happy Birthday Gauhar Khan: Find Out The Secret Behind Her Envious Figures And Why She Hates Yoga!!!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
August 23, 2018

Gauhar Khan is celebrating her birthday today, happy birthday dear Gauhar, hope you are having an amazing day with your friends and family.

Gauhar is one of those lucky women who manage to look at least a decade younger than their real age. Gauhar is a former beauty pageant winner, so she is maintaining her diet and exercising since she was a teenager. But with age and more work Gauhar has to keep changing her fitness routine, here is what she does now to stay fit.

Gauhar Khan Diet Plan

Breakfast: Muesli with fat free milk, black tea or coffee.

Snack: A fruit.

Lunch: Chicken salad with one bowl of lentil soup.

Evening snack: Poha or pancake made with very little oil.

Dinner: Chicken salad ( in small portion, smaller than lunch)

Gauhar Khan Exercise Routine

Believe it or not Gauhar hates Yoga, the actress admitted that Yoga is too slow for her; she knows Yoga is good for women but she just hates practicing Yoga. Gauhar has a trainer and she works out with him for four days a week.

Gauhar trusts her trainer, and when she is inside a gym with her trainer, she does exactly what he asks her to do.

Gauhar also loves dancing, she dances to burn calories. Gauhar loves her sweets, those dancing hours helps her stay in shape even when eats yummy desserts.

So we know for sure that Gauhar will eat a piece of her birthday cake today, but then she will work out and burn those extra calories.

Like her fans we too love Gauhar.

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