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Happy Birthday Ajay Devgn: Here Is How The Actor Is Fittest At 50!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
April 2, 2019

Happy birthday Ajay Devgn, hope all your wishes will be fulfilled this year.

Can you believe Ajay turned 50 this year? In his last release Total Dhamaal he pulled same stunts as he did in his debut film! Ajay is fitter than ever. Ajay was never fat; he started his Bollywood career as a thin guy. Ajay started working out late, he wanted a more toned masculine body and he finally got that body in 2012.

Ajay Devgn

Ajay is staying fit, he has a trainer and he restricts his daily diet. Here is Ajay does to stay fit.

Ajay Devgn Diet Plan

Ajay starts his day with black coffee or tea. He then eats breakfast consists of egg whites and oatmeal. Ajay drinks sugar free protein shake after working out. Lunch is always boiled chicken and two brown breads, sometimes little lentil soup. Dinner is vegetables and some lean protein. Ajay drink plenty of water to keep toxins out of his body.

Ajay Devgn Exercise Plan

Ajay works out with a trainer. He does strength training, cardio for two hours. But if he is busy then he swims or runs to burn calories.

Ajay is a cook. He loves cooking for wife Kajol, daughter Nysa and son Yug. But Ajay does not eat the dishes he makes, because he is afraid of gaining fat.

An excellent actor, Ajay is one of the most bankable heroes of Bollywood. We wish him even more successful future.


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