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Gully Boy Sensation Actress Kalki Koechlin Believes South Indian Foods Are Reasons Behind Her Fit Body.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
January 10, 2019

Actress Kalki Koechlin is in news for her sensational appearance in Gully Boy trailer; her presence was short and left fans asking for more. Kalki is a brilliant performer with an enviable figure. Some may say Kalki is very thin but that is not bad at all. Kalki recently chatted with a woman’ magazine where she said South Indian foods are healthiest meals in world.

Here are more details on Kalki’s diet and exercise plan.

Kalki Koechlin Diet Plan

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Breakfast: Omelette and fruits like Strawberries.

Lunch: South Indian vegetable curry with little oil and brown bread.

Snacks: Idli and Sambar.

Dinner: Vegetable soup only.

Kalki loves black coffee and black tea; she believes ingredients used for South Indian meals actually help one lose weight.

Kalki Koechlin Exercise Plan

Kalki is not a traditional Bollywood star. So unlike most big Bollywood stars Kalki does not have a regular gym routine. She does exercise as per available time on hand.

Kalki walks, swims, jogs , dances every day to burn calories and when she has time she does usual gym workouts for women.

Kalki is a free spirited woman and workout routine is also perfect for any free willed woman like her.

Kalki is unique and she wants to remain like this forever, and we love Kalki for her unique attitude and brilliant acting.





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