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Gal Gadot Is A Wonder Woman, But She Has To Work Hard To Keep That Perfect Body.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
May 17, 2018

Gal Gadot worked out for six hours every day to get inside very unforgiving Wonder Woman costume. Gal has two kids, it was not easy for her but she did it anyway. Here is what Gal did to achieve her dream body and more importantly how she is maintaining that body.

Gal Gadot Diet Plan

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Breakfast: Eggs (either water poached, scrambled of even boiled), wholegrain bread with avocado topping.

Snack: Fruit and protein shake

Lunch: Wholegrain sandwich and veggies. (She loves her tomatoes)

Dinner: lean protein and vegetables

However, when Gal is not shooing she goes easy on her diet, she takes her family out for meals and she eats with them too.

Gal Gadot Exercise Plan

Gal may worked out for six hours a day to look perfect as Wonder Woman but she no longer exercises for that long, it is not really very practical. Gal goes to gym five times a week. She does boxing, run of treadmill and she does strength training. In total she spends about an hour inside the gym.

Gal always admitted that her hard word made it possible for her to maintain that Wonder Woman body. She never said it  is easier for her, this is why woman all over the world adore Gal, as she is honest and real when it comes to her diet and workout.



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