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Fitness Secrets Of Brahmastra Stars Alia Bhatt And Mouni Roy: The Foods They Will Never Eat!

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
March 5, 2019

Alia Bhatt and Mouni Roy are in news for their upcoming film Brahmastra. Alia is looking fitter than ever and Mouni always had a super enviable figure.

Are you feeling jealous of Alia and Mouni’s figures? Then you are not the only one, we are envious of their figures also. However there is a simple way to look as good as Alia and Mouni, we will tell you their secrets.


Alia and Mouni live with the belief that we are what we eat. So these two actresses eliminated most foods we eat. White salt cause bloating of face, so they do not use white salt, white sugar is main reason behind gaining weight, so sugar is also eliminated from diet.

Alia and Mouni do not eat white rice or bread; they rarely eat bread due to Gluten.

So what do they eat? Organic fruits, vegetables, almonds, nut milks and green tea, these are only foods they eat to avoid weight gain and bloating.


Mouni and Alia both have personal trainers but they cannot exercise every day. But they keep moving, they both love dancing and jogging. They make sure they burn more calories than they eat. This is why they always manage to stay slim.

Alia is already a superstar and Mouni is also going to be a superstar with Brahmastra, film also stars Alia’s real life boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.




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