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Fitness Mantra Of Mission Magal And Batla House Stars Akshay Kumar And John Abraham Will Inspire You On Independence Day.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
August 15, 2019

Mission Mangal and Batla House stars Akshay Kumar and John Abraham worked with each other, and they are good friends in real life. Akshay and John have lot of things in common. They both care a lot about fitness. But they have different approach when it comes to staying fit. Lets’ take a look at Akshay and John’s fitness plans.

Akshay Kumar fitness plan

Akshay does not have a trainer or nutritionist. He believes no one can help a person with fitness, everyone needs to understand own body type and eat/exercise according to own body’s needs. Akshay eats fruits, nuts, milk, and vegetables. He lifts his own body weight, and runs. Yes, Akshay’s diet and fitness routine is simple and we can all be like him.

John Abraham fitness plan

John Abraham is vegan, yes you read it right. John’s six pack abs are not result of eating meat. Animal lover John eats soya protein only. He also eats nuts, veggies and limited fruits every day.

John lifts heavy weights and he works on leg, arms, and abs separately.  He exercises every day.

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