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Fit Mom Amy Jackson Asks Fan To Stop Eating Meat For Health And Earth.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
October 1, 2019

Amy Jackson gave birth weeks ago, but she already lost most of her pregnancy weight. Bloating is gone, and Amy is looking fitter than ever. Hands on parenting, good diet, and exercise helped Amy lose her pregnancy weight. Amy is on cloud nine with her newborn son. But this does not mean Amy forgot her responsibility as an international celebrity. Amy recently asked her fans to give up meat to save the world. Meet, especially beef consumption is neither good for planet nor health.

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Amy became a vegetarian couple of years ago. She is vegan now. Amy said she does not miss meat. She believes plants offer all the nutrition that a healthy human body requires. Amy eats a lot of berries, vegetables, nut butter, vegan cheese, vegan milk, soya protein. Amy admits her skin requires less care these days; she almost never suffered an allergic reaction after quitting meat.

Amy does yoga, and she tries her best to use less fuel. She is saving energy for the future.

If you are struggling to quit meat and feeling bloated due to bad food habits, then follow Amy on Instagram and get inspired to live a healthier lifestyle.


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