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Exclusive: Fitness Diary Of “Sanju” Actress Karishma Tanna.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
July 26, 2018

Karishma Tanna understood the importance of fitness after becoming an actress. Actresses appear happy and glamorous in front of camera but outsiders don’t understand their struggle. Karishma never had weight issues; she decided to go on a fitness journey to live a better life. Here we are taking a look at Karishma’s fitness diary.

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Karishma Tanna Diet Plan

The real fit people do not make a diet plan, as they know it is not possible to follow a certain diet plan for longer period. Karishma is a fit and healthy person so she does not indulge in diets; instead she changed her lifestyle for better.

Karishma has no forbidden food; she eats everything, from Indian junk foods to pizzas. But she eats junk foods on rare occasions and she eats a very small amount of junk food at a time. She counts the calories and then burns it off.

On regular days Karishma eats high protein low carb foods. She drinks a lot of water and finishes her dinner early.

Karishma Tanna Exercise Plan

If you are a beginner in fitness journey then you cannot follow Karishma’s exercise diary. Karishma’s exercise routine is not for everyone. She lifts weights, she swims she does power yoga, high-impact aerobics.

Karishma is the fittest actress on Indian television right now. She works hard and then she parties harder, she is living a balanced life.

Do you know Karishma is one of the highest paid stars of Indian television?  On top of that Karishma is also a hot property in Bollywood after Sanju. Karishma is already a star but she is about to become a bigger star and we wish her all the best for that.


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