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Exclusive: Diet And Exercise Plan Hansika Motwani Followed For Rapid Weight Loss.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
February 8, 2018

Well, to be completely honest, Hansika Motwani was never fat; however she was not very toned as a teenager. Hansika ate tons of junk foods as a teen; she was also working and studying, so she did not have time to exercise.

But Hansika wanted a more toned body when she became a leading lady in films. Hansika appointed a dietician and a trainer. Hansika now flaunts a perfectly curvy body.


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Hansika Motwani diet plan

Hansika eats eight meals every day. Now here is the catch, Hansika counts a glass of fat free milk as a meal; it is not like Hansika is eating eight huge bowls of foods every day.

Hansika eats fruits, fat free protein shake, one or two brown bread, some boiled vegetables, milk and nuts as her meals. Hansika follows a 1200 calorie a day diet plan.

Hansika Motwani exercise plan

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Hansika works out for two hours for five days a week. Hansika gives her body some much needed rest during weekends.

Apart from working out inside a gym, Hansika also goes for swimming and running.

Hansika does everything under experts’ guidance; her trainer keeps a close eye on her, so does her dietician, they make sure Hansika does not skip her meals and become weak.

You may not able to afford trainers or dieticians but you can still easily follow Hansika’s diet and exercise plan.


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