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Envy Malaika Arora For Her Body? The Diva Reveals Her Exact Diet And Workout For Fans.

By Adity Bera
In Celebrity Fitness
August 6, 2020

Who does not want to look like Malaika Arora? She is one of the most beautiful women in India. Malaika is a fitness freak; she now made her passion her profession. She owns a yoga studio in Mumbai. This Diva loves talking about diet and yoga. She shared her exact diet and workout diary to inspire millions of fans worldwide. We will tell you her secret, truth is her fitness chart is not hard to follow and almost everyone can do it.

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Hey everyone! I thought we’d take a little break yesterday but I hope you all had a great Raksha Bandhan and spent some lovely time with your loved ones, even those who did it virtually! I love how such festivals bring everyone together! Now let's get back to the amazing week ahead with some movement, stretching and sweating with #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek Get on your mat and sweat it out & also don’t forget to tag @sarvayogastudios and @thedivayoga when you post! This week’s pose is Anjaneyasana! – Start in a downward dog. As you exhale bring your right foot forward and place it in between your hands aligning the right knee and heel in a straight line. – Lower your left knee to thr ground. Slide it back if needed till you feel a comfortable stretch in your left thigh – Inhale and lift your chest upright, taking your arms upwards, either parallel to each other or palms joined – With ever exhale, bend deeper into the pose, pressing your tailbone towards the floor – If possible, take your head back and look up – To come out of the pose, go back into the downward dog and repeat on the other side This is a great pose to stretch out your thigh, groin area and open your chest. Let’s see the pictures rolling in! This beautiful picture is shot by @by.the.gram #sarvayoga #strongerwithsarva #yogalife #malaikasmondaymotivation #movementmondays #yogagirl #yogapose #yogagram #fitindiamovement #mylifemyyoga

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Malaika’s healthy diet

Breakfast: Lukewarm water with lemon and honey and seasonal fruits.

Snacks: Turmeric tea and almonds.

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I love to cook! I love cooking for my family and friends but with my busy schedule, I hardly get time to pursue this passion of mine. But with this self isolation upon us, I thought of utilising this time in a constructive and healthy way by cooking some sumptuous and delicious 'Malabari veg stew for the soul'. I have got this recipe from mom @joycearora and a bit from my friend Maunika @cookinacurry who's a lovely cook. Everyone at home simply loves this stew and we are going to have it with some white rice and some delicious gluten-free, vegan chickpea bread that my friend Raveena @iamayogisattva made for me. M in for a lovely treat, I hope you too utilise this time to do something positive and healthy. Stay calm and stay safe! #stayhome#quarantine #covid_19

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Lunch: Brown rice with vegetables.

Dinner: Vegetable soup.

Malaika takes Omega 3 and multivitamin tables along with nutritious diets.  She used to love chicken but she is currently trying to find healthier vegan options.

Yoga Girl

Yoga is not just a form of workout for Malaika; it is also her passion and sanctuary which keeps her sane during stressful times. Malaika does Yoga everyday for at least an hour and she also encourage her followers to practice Yoga every day.

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Hey everyone. I know you’ve been wondering where I had disappeared but I think we all needed some time to ourselves. Locked down at home has made us closer to ourselves, physically and mentally. But I think a lot of us have embraced it and adjusted our lives around this ‘new normal’ and a lot of you have been asking me what I’m doing at home, how I’m staying regular at my workouts. So here I am, back at it and back for you, with #malaikasmoveoftheweek So all of you who’ve been spending Monday’s wondering what to do, its time to stretch out those muscles! Remember to tag @sarvayogastudios & me when you do the pose. This week’s move is Halasana and here’s how you can do it: 1. Lie on your back with your palms facing the ground 2. Take a deep breathe in and with that exhale, press your palms into the floor and raise your legs towards the ceiling 3. For added support you can place your hands on your lower back 4. You can also bend your knees if you’re losing balance 5. Slowly & gradually, try touching your feet to the ground behind 6. Breathe slowly. To come out of the post, slowly release your hands from your back and bring your feet flat on the ground Halasana is known to calm you sympathetic nervous system and flush out toxins – from your body and your mind. Now let’s see some beautiful pictures rolling in and get the week started! #malaikasmoveoftheweek #mylifemyyoga #internationalyogaday #sarvayoga #yogaplusmondays #mondaymotivation #fitindiamovement

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Malaika is 46 years old, but she does not even look 25. She is beautiful but she also works hard to look the way she does. She is an inspiration for women everywhere.


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